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Men's skimpy swimwear


Men's skimpy bikini swimwear

The Swimwear Boys

Hello we are happy you made it to our men’s skimpy swimwear site and I hope you are in the right place.  If you are into hot men’s swimwear we welcome you, if you are just dipping your toes into sexy swimwear designs, we are here to help and if you are just curious about these very sexy bikinis, thongs, Pouch styles, skin tight shorts and so on we hope to fan the flames of your new desire. No sure why you are here? Give us a chance to help you help yourself out of those baggy silly looking surf shorts and into something sexy. You never know we just might be able to make a swimwear aficionado out of you yet.

Needless to say the boys that were one this site are hardcore swimwear fans, we love wearing the skimpiest men’s swimwear and we enjoy seeing other men wearing them. Our biggest thrill might just be getting men to try wearing these wonderful designs since we know based on our experience most men that try them switch to wearing them. We know it is a big change since we all live in Southern California home to the surf short. Changing from shorts to something sexy and skimpy is a big change but the more you do it the easier it gets. When I first made my change wearing a bikini was almost like being nude in front of a bunch of strangers on the beach. After years of wearing these awesome designs a bikini feels like a lot of clothing and most of my beach days are spent in G-strings so small they might make you blush. The swimsuits I wear are smaller than my girlfriends and smaller than most of the girls on the beach. Yes I have a girlfriend, one of the writers for this site is married and two of our buddies that work on this site are gay. Wearing sexy swimwear has nothing to do with your sexual identity. It has to do with having fun, being confident in your body no matter what shape or size and daring to go against convention. The fact is that sexy bikinis are now very main stream but tiny thongs and little G-strings grab a lot of attention!