Men's Skimpy Swimwear

I was shopping the other day at Macy’s and to my surprise they actually had some men’s skimpy swimwear designs including some bikinis and a few spandex skin tight shorts. Even though they are skimpy by department store standards they are oversize compared to the G-strings and thongs I am used to wearing. I thought it might be fun to try them on since I almost always order my swimsuits online picking out two bikinis and two little shorts I headed off to the dressing room. To my surprise there was a girl manning the dressing room stalls. Do you need any help she asked and all of a sudden I felt a little embarrassed knowing I was going to be completely nude in a second and slipping on some tiny for department store swimsuits. I am not sure what got into me other than the girl was young and cute I said I am just seeing if they these fit and which one looks best showing her the different designs I asked which she liked best. Oh I’m not sure without seeing them on was her response.  I can’t see walking around here wearing just these I said and her reply was call me over to your dressing room once you have it on. OK was the only thing I managed to say. Lucky for me I was completely waxing and my tan was nice and deep. I tried on the first bikini it was solid red and about 1” on the waist. I called her to my room and she walked right in. It’s cute if you want to look like a lifeguard she said.


Continued next week.

Men's skimpy swimwear