Micro is the word and men’s skimpy swimwear is way more than G-strings these days in fact there are so many new and tiny styles you will not know which to try first. I have a couple dozen different designs because a guy needs way more than a few men’s skimpy swimwear styles to choose from. For you guys just getting into wearing men’s skimpy swimwear let’s start with the basics. First a men’s Speedo is not a skimpy swimsuit. It covers the entire front most often without needing to shave the pubic hair and they cover all the rear on most men. Men’s skimpy swimwear styles offer a narrow front and virtually all the designs require the wearer to be extremely trimmed or for the most part completely shaved. There are many pouch shapes and styles from large bulge style pouches for well-endowed guys to bulge enhancing pouches for guys with less downstairs but they want to look bigger. Many of the pouch styles are created to make the wearer look smaller. A smaller looking bulge is definitely one of the biggest style trends and one that I personally prefer. There are male form pouches that are actually the shape of the penis. Some face forward others down and some point up. Most of these styles show the actual shape and size of the penis hard or flaccid as part of the suits design. These styles are not for shy guys but if you are one that enjoys being the center of attention you could not ask for a more perfect design.  One of my favorite trends are the new micro short style swimsuits. Unlike regular swim shorts these definitely fall under the men’s skimpy swimwear category. All of these styles show cheek some a little and some up to fifty percent all are a blast to wear. There are micro shorts with bulge style front pouches which are extremely popular, some with compression pouches to make the wearers penis appear very small (my favorite) and many of the newer designs are called MTF (male to female) which is a transformation design made to make men look like a woman in the pouch area. At first glance you might find this look unusual but it is one of the most popular new skimpy swimwear styles all over the planet. Guys looking like girls: that is sexy when you think about it. I have used these style many times and I can tell you from experience they are amazing to wear. That brings us to the most popular and fastest growing segment of men’s skimpy swimwear, drum roll please! The new male to female transformation style bikinis and thongs are taking the world by storm these hot styles completely any aspect of having a penis and reshape it to look exactly like a sexy little camel toe. These are Insane swimwear styles for a new world order, don’t miss out on the fun.

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