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Bikini Boy swimwear and panties  

If you are a man that is into spandex bikinis for your swimwear or as your man panties you could be classified as a bikini boy and for the rest of this blog post that is exactly what we will refer to spandex bikini lovers as. We want you to be as proud as we are to be called a bikini boy. For the sake of argument, we will include men’s Speedos here as bikini because guys refer to them as Speedo bikinis though in fact, they are Speedo briefs. Bikini panties and swimwear are the most exciting and sensual styles a man can wear and when it comes to bikini swimsuits and wearing them out in public that ramps it up a notch. In European countries bikini boy swimwear styles are the norm, we say amen to that. Here in the USA bikinis as swimwear are coming on strong but we have a long way to go until they become as common place on the beach as they are in parts of Europe. The most popular bikini boy styles are narrow small front pouch designs with minimal rear cuts that will show cheek. Narrow at the waist in the range of one inch down to thin spaghetti straps. These styles are unlined in the front pouch and show off the shape of the wearer’s equipment, which most men find thrilling especially when they are wearing them on a busy beach and even more so if it is your first time. These are thrills that bikini boys know all too well. To be the real thing you need to think like the girls do. The more skin the better and be as sexy as you can be. Push the limits of your comfort zone until you blow the doors off, try not to limit yourself.

If you are new to wearing bikini swimsuits and bikini panties, you might not know where to start. We can help you there because the bikini boy team at men’s skimpy swimwear have been wearing these hot designs for years. The best advice I received when I first got into wearing bikini swimwear was to pick a suit that was just outside my comfort zone. The reason behind that was that I would become used to wearing whatever size suit I ordered and would go smaller in no time. The typical bikini boy will crave smaller suits and less coverage. The proof is that most men the wear bikinis whether at the beach as swimwear or as panties end up going further into more extreme suits like thongs and G-strings. Many of us have large collections of suits including both bulge styles and femme styles of which we will get into deeper later in this post. The advice was spot on, it took me a few weeks to get used to wearing a bikini that for me felt like I was almost nude in public to feeling like I was wearing too much fabric and covering too much skin. This is the natural progression for a bikini boy and if you meet and talk to others on the beach about it you will find it is a common occurrence, we all are looking for the next even sexier swimsuit be it for the beach, a pool party, swimming at the gym or just hanging out around the pool. Before I go on, I would like to mention grooming since there are parts of your body you will need to trim and more that you will need to shave, wax or if your ready to a laser hair removal treatment. Not sure what hair to remove? That is easy just look at any girl on the beach wearing a tiny swimsuit, there are lots of places that girl has hair, but it has been removed and that skin is exposed. A great bikini boy rule of thumb is to remove all your pubic hair, trim or shave your leg hair, make sure your butt is completely hair free and from there any place else on your body you see fit. The smaller the suit the more likely if you had hair, it would be exposed and that is a rule we never break: no exposed pubic hair! Get rid of it since it is not a part of wearing sexy swimwear.

Choosing the right bikini as a lot to do with your body shape and the size of your equipment. Guys always want to have their equipment large as possible but when it comes to wearing bikini designs men with smaller goods have an advantage because there are so many more designs that have been created for less endowed men. The biggest rend in bikini panties and swimwear are the micro pouch styles which are designed to compress and shape the male equipment, so it is both beautiful and very small. The advantages to wearing suits like this are many, having a pouch that reduces the size of your penis makes you much more able to blend in at the beach after all if you had a large one just hanging their it would scare most of the women and children. A small pouch is neat and tidy, and most people find it extremely seductive which is why they are so much more popular than the designs that enlarge and make your equipment look huge though in truth there is a time and place for that so the well-equipped bikini boy would always have one or two in his collection. Micro pouches make you look smaller by ingenious packaging, but you can still clearly see the penis outline which is beautiful to behold.

Earlier in the blog we touched upon bulge style suits and femme style panties and swimsuits. I think that now would be a great time to explain what a femme suit for men is. First let me say that the most exciting new designs are featuring the femme for men look which is also know as male to female transformation designs. Now before you run away saying that is not for me, I would like you to approach these new and by the way extremely popular designs that are popular world-wide with an open mind.

The feminine look entails a couple different designs, the flat front and the camel toe front.  The difference between the bulge style swimsuits including the micro bulge styles that compress the equipment and the feminine designs is that these styles erase the equipment completely thus giving you a feminine look up front. This is extremely erotic and dare I say, very sexy look for the confident man. The flat front styles appear to the onlooker as co0mpletely flat just like any girl wearing a swimsuit or panties but go a step further to the camel toe and you will be showing a beautiful small lipped vagina where your penis used to be and it is so realistic that even the ladies will think you have one. The amazing designs that are by far the most popular new bikini boy style suits worldwide use your reshaped penis to create the camel toe. I have personally used these designs and I am in love with them. Talking to the guys at which is the company that creates these new suits and panties I was told that the are huge sellers to not only the Gay, Bii and Transgender people but have been just as popular with straight men that are interested in getting in touch with their feminine side. Needless to say, they are also extremely popular choices with crossdressers and sissies. I feel every man should experience the feel of these suits, they are unlike anything you have ever had and for many men are a life changing experience, a bold statement since we are talking about swimwear and panties!